Visionary Journeys
Each of the albums, the artworks and visualisations by Japetus
open a doorway, a portal, to experience different levels of consciousness.
The journey is now up to you!

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Law of Time - 2012

Over the last few decades Japetus has remained open to working with extra-planetary influences like the Planetary Hierarchy, Extraterrestrials and Spirit Guides. In 1983 Japetus began creating ambient soundspaces under guidance and by 1990 had completed 10 albums, the bulk of his major works.

These works were all released and distributed by Japetus at that time and the Visionary Journeys catalogue has been a vital part of planetary transforming energies, used extensively by healers and counsellors in Australia and around the world over the last 20 years.

It was 1987 that José Arguelles brought his message to the world and we all united in the Harmonic Convergence. In 1987, as one part of the Earthlink initiatives Japetus produced Crystal Light Awakening with Vincent Selleck as an Australian contribution to that new consciousness event.

Humanity only has a couple of years left before the 2012 shift and Japetus hopes to be working more closely with the Law of Time promoting the message, releasing specific new albums dedicated to raising awareness.

Time = Art

******* Visualise *******

Below you can find a collection of material from the Law of Time available on the web collated here for your convenience and enlightenment.

Added here 7/3/11 - new video of José Arguelles describing current events and how to 'save the world' (humanity).

This is a wonderful new two-part video that really just lays everything out with some fantastic animation that really helps visualise and integrate the individual and planetary energies involved. These videos do not contain my music.

José Arguelles at the Day Out of Time. Byron Bay, Australia

Bridging Heaven & Earth Show #159 w/Jose Arguelles/Twinflame

Spanish version - great graphic... not my music.

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 1

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 2

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 3

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 4

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 5

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 6

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 7  

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 8

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 9  

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 10

Radio Interview with José Arguelles
Bay-FM Byron Bay Australia (pt1) 

Radio Interview with José Arguelles
Bay-FM Byron Bay Australia (pt2)


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