Visionary Journeys
Each of the albums, the artworks and visualisations by Japetus
open a doorway, a portal, to experience different levels of consciousness.
The journey is now up to you!

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The Kabbalah / The Zodiac
Guided Visualisation


Introduction to the Elements
Stand in the centre of a darkened room facing towards the East and relax the body progressively from the feet through to the head (see Workshop, Chapter One). Now, having focused awareness in the head, imagine large vibrant balls of white light in the four quarters and in their centres visualise a personal symbol for each of the four elements in turn:
In the East: Air (clouds in the sky)
In the South: Fire (a darting flame)
In the West: Water (a flowing stream)
In the North: Earth (rocks, plants)

Now also visualise a large vibrant ball of white light above you, representing Spirit, and feel its energies pouring down onto the crown of your head. Imagine this vibrant light entering your head, as if you were a hollow vessel, and visualise it passing down through the central axis of your body to your feet. As the energy descends it activates the following centres in turn:
Head: Visualise radiant white light
Throat: Visualise mauve light
Heart: Visualise golden yellow light
Genitals: Visualise purple light
Feet: Visualise black intensity

Next we are endeavouring to raise our energy from Earth-consciousness to Spirit-consciousness (Kether) so the direction is upwards through the body and out through the crown of the head, embracing the Universe.

First feel the ground beneath your feet, concentrate the energy in the black intensity of Malkuth and lift it progressively through your body, purifying and transforming it at each stage

Sit relaxed in a comfortable chair with your hands resting on your knees and close your eyes. Feel the solidity of your chair and imagine that, like a king or queen seated on a throne, you are surveying your domain - the world around you.

Now imagine that your throne is gradually transforming into a chariot. Wheels manifest on each side and two majestic winged horses appear before you - one white, the other black. They now prepare to draw your chariot up into the sky, taking you to the sacred world. Gradually you gather pace and momentum and it is like leaving your terrestrial, earthbound personality behind as you soar away on an adventure of the spirit.

You can place your total trust in the horses drawing your chariot, for they are lifting you to higher, transcendental realms.


The Signs

Now we will visualise each sign of the Zodiac coming to life inside us, and shining like a beacon.

First imagine an intense white light just above your head. It is pure, radiant light, and it is entering your head now, and passing down into your body. Feel this light illuminating your face. Vibrate a personal image of Fire coming forth from the white light and visualise Aries the Ram occupying this part of your body.

Now bring the white light down to your neck and vibrate an image of Earth. Imagine the robust figure of Taurus the Bull residing in this part of your body.

Now bring the white light down still further and imagine it spreading across each of your shoulders and down both arms, and down into your lungs also. I'd like you to vibrate the image of Air, feel it enlivening your body, and imagine that Gemini the Twins reside here - one in each arm.

Now bring the white light down into your chest and extend it so that it radiates into your stomach. Vibrate an image of soothing, refreshing Water and visualise Cancer the Crab ruling this part of your body.

Now focus the white light in your heart and radiate it around to your back. Vibrate an image of Fire and visualise Leo the Lion residing here.

Now bring the white light down into your intestines and into your liver. Feel the white light filling and sustaining them and vibrate an image of Earth. Visualise Virgo the Maiden residing in these organs of your body.

Now move the white light in a stream across to your kidneys and vibrate them with Air. This is the location of Libra the Scales.

Now bring the white light down to your genitals - the seat of life. Vibrate an image of Water and visualise Scorpio the Scorpion residing in this part of your body.

Now I'd like you to bring the white light down even further into your body. Radiate it into your hips and into your thighs. Vibrate an image of Fire and visualise Sagittarius the Centaur, with his bow and arrow, residing here.

And now I'd like you to imagine the white light moving down even further so that it reaches your knees. Vibrate an image of Earth in both of your knees and visualise Capricorn the Sea-Goat residing here.

And now bring the white light down into your calves, and down into your shins, and down into your ankles. I'd like you to vibrate an image of Air, enlivening these parts of your body and visualise Aquarius with his flask residing here.

Now you feel the white light reaching your feet. You feel the light extending into each of your toes, and into your heels, and into the soles of your feet. Vibrate an image of Water, and visualise Pisces the Fishes residing in each of your feet.

Now I'd like you just to reflect for a moment on how you have brought this whole cosmos of the Zodiac to life in your body.

Reaffirm the feeling that white light has passed from the crown of your head down to your feet and feel that you now reach from earth way up to the heavens. You feel huge, without limits. You are part of the Cosmos.

Now I would like you to imagine the white light, which is down in your feet, retracing its course up through the centre of your body. Think of it like a liquid stream of energy and raise it slowly from your feet, up through your thighs, your abdomen, your chest and your neck until once again it is focused in your head.

Now I would like you to stand with your legs apart. Keep your eyes closed and extend your arms out horizontally on each side as you face ahead. We are now standing in the shape of the Human Pentagram.

Still focusing the white light in your head, I'd like you now to imagine it streaming clockwise in a circle so that you can see it in your mind's eye, moving in an arc around to your right hand. And now the white light continues in an arc down to your right foot. Now it passes from your right foot across to your left foot, and now it begins to climb in an arc of radiance towards your left hand. And now the light continues on its path and comes back up to your head, completing the Circle of Radiance.

And you stand within it, affirming the whole circle of white light feeling it pulse around you, and you radiate the love of the Universe.

And just think this thought to yourself:
The Cosmos is within me: the Cosmos and I are One The Cosmos is within me: the Cosmos and I are One The Cosmos is within me, the Cosmos and I are One And now, if you would like to lie down on a cushion or rest in a chair to reflect quietly on that, please feel free to do so.

Visualisations from the book Music For Inner Space by Nevill Drury ISBN 0907061745

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