Visionary Journeys
Each of the albums, the artworks and visualisations by Japetus
open a doorway, a portal, to experience different levels of consciousness.
The journey is now up to you!

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Chronological snaps since 1983...

1983 (27)

Beginning to create New Age soundspaces with the first album The Great Great Silence.

1984 (28)

A different view of the studio while recording Once Around The Sun.

1985 (29)

Working intensely on the music for The Mystic Pathways series. Recorded three very complex albums in six months.

1986 (30)

Mark Robson (left) lead singer and founder of Celtic rock band 'Kangaroo Moon'. The new Visions of Paradise album on the table as a gift to Mark.

1987 (31)

Classic promo shot. This was the first major photo supplied to the media for promoting The Radiant Self album and the catalogue in general.

1988 (32)

Duplicating cassettes two at a time at 16 times the speed. Most early albums were hand duplicated to order.

1988 was around the peak of sales so there were hundreds and even thousands of cassettes hand duplicated.

1989 (33)

The first expo at Darling Harbour in Sydney with Vicki Larnach for the Natural Health Society.

1990 (34)

Performing and selling at the first and most popular Healthier Living Show, Melbourne. We had the whole centre panel at the centre of the hall with no real stall so we could spread out with a performance space as well.

1991 (35)

Performing live at Manly Wharf pier, Sydney and selling albums. Very windy and exposed. Hardly a place for quiet ambient music.

1992 (36)

The Healthier Living Show in Melbourne with new albums and video.

1993 (37)

Glebe Street Fair - around 60,000 people in 10 hours.

1994 (38)

Wide shot of first studio setup at Mt Irvine in the Blue Mountains where the final two albums The Threshold and Deep Space were recorded.

1995 (39)

After having a stall at an Expo on the Gold Coast... relaxing on holidays camper-vanning in Byron Bay.

1996 (40)

At work organising the remastering, repackaging and re-launch of the Catalogue while at Mt Irvine in the Blue Mountains. On the wall notice the 'offline paper layout' of the Site Map for the original website.

1997 (41)

Swimming at Tehuti waterhole on Terania Creek, The Channon, just prior to moving to Byron.

1998 (42)

Moved to Byron and started editing, remastering and creating new cover artwork at Coorabell, Byron Bay.

1999 (43)

Settling into Byron Bay. A good summer tan after 12 months in Byron.

2000 (44)

Back stage at a local production of Jesus Christ Superstar, Bangalow. Jay designed all the artwork and posters for the show winning a Dolphin Award for Best Artwork 2000.

2001 (45)

Psychedelic promo shot for a new Catalogue launch into the new millennium 2001. Hair extremely long.

November 2002 (46)

Mind, Body, Spirit festival in Sydney. The first time out with all the new covers and the entire catalogue re-mastered to CD. Also the last promotion pic with long hair.

2003 (47)

Long hair gone - this is the first promo shot with short hair - promoting the new 20th Anniversary double album compilation Peace & Quiet.

2004 (48)

Happy to finish the 14 CD Catalogue after 20 years and the prospect of moving back into recording songs and video production again.

2005 (49)

In business mode attending the 40th year of MIDEM, the world's largest 'music industry' fair in Cannes, France.

2006 (50)

Apple iTunes promo shot looking very Steve Jobs and very purple for fifty.

2007 (51)

Filming the Visions of Byron DVD on Lennox Head, just south of Byron Bay.
2008 (52)
This year was spent year recording, editing, distributing, uploading. No promo or work shots. Here is a casual unshaven shot taken over lunch at The Beach Cafe in Byron Bay in July during a rare trip out into the world.
2009 (53)
Yet another year behind the scenes without a promo shot. In lieu of something a little fancier, here is a recent snap taken while working.
2010 (54)
Very much a new turning point - a regrouping and planning year, with focus returning. Building new systems ready for new works in 2012. Loving and living in the Wollumbin caldera.
2011 (55)
Finally coming back to recording songs, developing album ideas for 2012 and preparing to recod.
2012 (56)
Recording all the basic tracks of new songs album eg laying out structure and arrangements, choosing samples for loops and recording live instruments - steel string acoustic rythm guitar and lead vocals.
2013 (57)
Rugged up in mid winter attached at the hip to laptop. Hair with winter growth.
2014 (58)
New promo pic for new releases due in 2014 as music catalogue is made available through Omvana

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