Visionary Journeys
Each of the albums, the artworks and visualisations by Japetus
open a doorway, a portal, to experience different levels of consciousness.
The journey is now up to you!

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How the Double Album pack works

Each album was originally composed around a central symbolic vision where each passage was mapped out as a topography and constructed to carry the listener on a step by step transformational journey

This musical story, together with the symbolic theme, was then the basis for the new cover designs, bringing the imagery into a fully visual format that offers the listener another level of experience.

Finally, the guided visualisations was written to complement the musical story and reinforce the imagery evoked by the soundspace as well as the symbolic cover artwork.

The two album packages offer the listener the option: explore a profound and inspiring musical soundspace supported with spoken guidance that brings the whole experience to life or listen to the music soundspace on its own.

Eventually, after feeling safe and comfortable with the journey and understanding what is possible, the listener can explore the soundspace without the spoken guidance and experience their own spontaneous imagery.

The 'music only' album is excellent for therapy, meditation, massage, relaxation, Tai Chi, for any healing and transforming process or just for easy listening pleasure. The written visualisations are available on each album's close up page..

The music and the guided visualisations, while predominately soothing, subtle and relaxing, are not the 'pretty pan flutes and sweetness' style. The Japetus albums are serious New Age healing visualisations soundspaces for doing inner journey work through a range of elements, colours, imagery and archetypes.

These music soundspaces and visualisations are designed to provide a creative atmosphere for guided visualisations, massage, meditation, healing, float tanks, counselling, yoga, Tai Chi, children's sleep music/story, birthing and re-birthing or just relaxing easy listening. The one hour duration and the guided visualisations are an advantage to practitioners and to their clients, in that they can play the 'music only' album to go on a musical journey and also use it as background to treatments.

With the visualisations album, clients can experience a visionary guided story full of imagery as part of a meditation or deeper healing session. Each album takes the listener on a varied and colourful topography with sections that soothe, that build, and that give way to inspiring spaces in a challenging and unfolding journey. Most albums have two 30 minute continuous tracks that contain up to 5 or 6 sections, with each section blending together without a break.

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