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This Floating video 2012 version was conceived, sourced, edited and produced by Japetus. Images were sourced from Visions of Byron DVD, Day Spa for the Mind, the wonderful visionary artwork of Peter F. Christiansen and great thanks to all the Public Domain photos and videos.

The song Floating was written in the weeks leading up to the initial Harmonic Convergence on August 17th 1987 - the first ever global synchronised meditation activation.

'Floating' is my first formal new age song release and this 2012 single version was finished quickly (along with the quick video) in the months leading up to the December 2012 event.

It is provided as an offering and a focus for this Convergence Gateway. You can buy Floating on iTunes.

Floating is the first single from my upcoming concept album of inspiring songs written over the last 30 years while doing the ambient music. Before I started recording and releasing the Visionary Journeys catalogue in 1983, in the early 1980's I was writing and recording pop song demo tracks in order to secure a recording contract - you can find that whole story on The Crazoids website.

Through the decades while promoting the Visionary Journeys ambient catalogue, behind the scenes I continued to write new songs and polish the old ones. As we headed into the next millennium the songs began to coalesce into an album and it was clear that there was a concept there waiting to be born.

Explore the History of the writing of the song below the lyrics.


Here we are floating in a galaxy of stars
In between two planets we call Venus and Mars
So many souls incarnate, here to learn and grow
A simple thing you’d think but we don’t seem to want to know.

We're way out of balance and we’re falling to the edge
Living on a mountain top and chipping at the ledge
But that’s not how it’s meant to be on planet Earth
Now it’s time for those who see to find what they deserve.

And they can’t believe the reason for the fighting
When there’s so much of love to give
And they can’t believe the fire we’re igniting
When there’s so much of life to live…

I can see the Bethlehem coming in across the dawn
Just like she did two thousand years before
I hear a voice calling somewhere inside my head
“It’s time to move into the light,” it said.

Because you’re all going up now into a new perception
Going to find a better way heading in the right direction
And gathered all around us smiling through the tears
Are all the answers we’ve dreamt about for years.

And they can’t believe the reason for the fighting
When there’s so much of love to give
And they can’t believe the fire we’re igniting
When there’s so much of life to live…


Quick as lightning everything will change
There’ll be a new world where to love will not seem strange
A new understanding based upon the law
Cause and effect and service flowing through the core.

And we’ll make Earth the paradise it’s supposed to be
And all the universe will come along to see
The human race is moving out towards those stars
And helping other planets who haven’t come that far.

And they won’t believe the reason for the fighting
When there’s so much of love to give
And they won’t believe the fire we’re igniting
When there’s so much of life to live…

No they can’t believe the reason for the fighting
When there’s so much of love to give
No they can’t believe the fire we’re igniting
When there’s so much of life to live…

So here we are floating…

Here is a brief history - written late December 2012 - of the song 'Floating'.

It all started early in 1987 when the new age community here in Australia found out that Jose Arguelles was planning a global synchronous meditation - the first of its kind... ever. The Harmonic Convergence was to bring together aware minds all over the planet to focus and initiate the beginning of the final 25 year shift into a new way of living - moving away from the invented mechanical calendar designed by the church and banksters (where Time = Money) that has so enslaved our minds, and instead now move more into a natural cosmic time of lunar cycles (where Time = Art). Where Spaceship Earth becomes our crowning glory as a planetary consciousness.

I had already been releasing new age soundspaces for 4 years and was involved with the International Year of Peace in 1986 and also commissioned to create music for Nevill Drury's Mystic Pathways series in 1985 when I became involved in the build-up to the August 17th 1987 event. The energies were very high and powerful as we all began to tune in on the global consciousness about to converge and activate itself - the planetary mind expressing itself through humanity. People were traveling to planetary charkra points all over the globe. On August 3rd, while casually walking up to the shops about 3kms away along a noisy road in Willoughby, Sydney, and with no recording device (mobile phones were not invented yet) or pen and paper I suddenly found myself hearing an almost finished song - melody, verses, chorus and a lovely lilting walking rhythm.

I had no choice but to start singing the song out loud and to learn it by heart. I bought my items at the shops and hurried back home still singing and 'learning' it by rote singing over the traffic. As soon as I got home I grabbed the guitar and cassette deck and captured it almost finished in one go. For days I didn't realise what use the song was for but after about 2 weeks it became clear that it was a song for the Harmonic Convergence. So I recorded it quickly on the 13th and made 20 copies on cassette and at the gathering in Bronte Beach Park on the 17th at dawn - I gave them away.... to Sydney's cosmic elite.

Of course nothing came of that except a few friends saying thanks. The song, along with many other of my new age anthems, were written and worked on over the last decades while I released my ambient catalogue Visionary Journeys but I was never moved to record and release the songs until I was guided to. And I waited... and waited.

But little did I know (at the time) that Floating and the other songs were actually written for this 2012 convergence not for 1987. Written for the conclusion of the lead-up to 21st December 2012... and beyond!!

On July 9th 2012, shortly after the Venus transit, I was finally given the cosmic go ahead to start recording my new age songs album but it was clear that all the songs would not be finished in time for the December 2012 Solstice and so that album must be meant for after 2012. But out of the initial album recordings came a version of Floating that I could use as the foundation for an early-release version. It was good to partially complete one of the songs on the new album so I could get some direction on how to best complete them.

So, as the song says... here we are!! It's now. We're floating in it. The warm fallopian tubes of the galactic spiral arm.

So, towards the end of November 2012 I started setting up a recording situation from what I had on hand in order to do a special 2012 version of Floating for a release in the first week of December - just 2 weeks before the event. I had no money but I had my trusty MacBook and a guitar and a microphone and solar power.

And as they say... the rest is history...

I decided in the end to make the song available for download 'by donation' as well because this song isn't mine. But the money helps fund me fund the song, put out the album and promote it all so please - buy it on iTunes because that means it goes into their charts and helps raise the profile



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Watch these two 10 min videos
to help understand what is going on
with whole 21st December 2012 event.
Song Credits
Channeled, written, arranged, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Japetus
All vocals, instruments and programming by Japetus
All words and music © Copyright 1987-2012 through Japetus

Original demo recorded 13th August 1987
Re-recorded demo 1988
Current basic track recorded July 2012
Completed recordings and mixes 25/11/12 to 1/12/12

Cover artwork composite of Earth inside a black hole warping space with Rainbow Bridge and Torus vortex surrounding Earth from pole to pole compiled by Japetus.

Inspiration for the song was coloured by various sources including Jose Arguelles , Silver Birch , Alice A Bailey, Ari Powell and the book by Stuart Holroyd 'Prelude to the landings on planet Earth'.
Song inspired late morning all in one go with words and music on 3rd August 1987.

This version of Floating was completely recorded, mixed and uploaded using solar energy on a MacBook using GarageBand and iMovie.

Floating is the first single from the upcoming concept album of new age songs by Japetus



Recording main bed of track in July 2012

Recording vocals in July 2012


Mobile/SMS: +61 (0)4012 041 400
Snail mail: P.O. Box 198, Byron Bay, NSW, 2481, Australia

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