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The Single - 'Floating'
Award-winning ambient, new age music 'soundspaces'
for meditation, visualisation, healing & relaxation
and new, inspiring pop and soft rock songs

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Visionary Journeys
Each of the albums, the artworks and visualisations
by Japetus open a doorway, a portal, to experience different levels of consciousness.
The journey is now up to you!

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"What an awesome and amazing collection of music!
Very eclectic.
We look forward to reviewing every piece and selecting cuts for future productions.
Ed Lantz, Harmony Channel (USA)
Visionary Journeys
Visionary Journeys
Music sampler
Peace & Quiet
Peace & Quiet
Music compilation

Deep Space
Music only

The Threshold
Music only
Crystal Light Awakening
Crystal Light
Music + Guidance
"The music of Japetus literally carries me beyond time and space. The haunting melodies convey such beautiful images. I use this music in my seminars with excellent results." Denise Linn (USA)
Tales From Atlantis
Tales From Atlantis
Music only

Shaman Journey

Music only
The Radiant Self
The Radiant Self
Music + Guidance

Visions of Paradise
Music only
Music + Guidance
The Tarot
The Tarot
Music + Guidance
Kabbalah/ Zodiac
Kabbalah/ Zodiac
Music + Guidance

Once Around Sun
Music only

The Great Great Silence
Great Great Silence
Music + Guidance
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Welcome to Japetus.com the official Japetus - Visionary Journeys website
(or Jay for short)
This site has now been restructured so that each album is on its own self-contained page with artwork, information, audio samples, track listings, visualisation link and the new In-Depth view.

There is a selection of the most popular albums available here for sale or you can purchase and download the music by clicking the iTunes download button on any page to open the iTunes Store app on your computer or click any iTunes link to open the special iTunes Artist Preview page in your browser.

You can listen to 3 minute sample tracks first in the audio player below then select an album from the panel of album covers and start exploring the Visionary Journeys catalogue by following the links from album to album. There are also audio samples on each album close-up page as well.

The albums are listed here in order of creation from most recent to the first release. 'Music only' albums contain just music tracks with no spoken guidance and 'music + guidance' double albums have music on one album and then the same music with a guided visualisation on the second album.

There is a lot of embedded media on this site so remember to stop the previous media before starting a new audio or video stream.

Visionary Journeys
Visionary Journeys
Peace & Quiet Peace
Deep SpaceDeep Space
The  Threshold
Crystal  Light Awakening
Tales from Atlantis
Tales Atlantis
Shaman  Journey

The Radiant  Self
Visions  of Paradise
Egyptian / Kundalini
The  Tarot


Once Around  the Sun

The Great Great Silence

"I have played your music, some pieces many times,
and much enjoyed them. Most intriguing"
Sir Arthur C. Clarke - author of '2001: A Space Odyssey'

Visionary Journeys - FREE - 60 minute sampler
Or listen here - turn your volume down now - listen quietly.

Listen to the entire 60 minute Japetus - Visionary Journeys new age music sampler album with a selection of 3 minute excerpts from each album in the catalogue.

Sit back and chill out for an hour... but play it really quietly - slightly louder than your threshold of hearing so it's just audible.

The soundspaces are so rich and deep and powerful that if you have them too loud they can be overwhelming. A bit like eating too much chocolate cake icing.

Think of the sound vibrations like an ioniser running way off in the background, just clearing the air.

This BandCamp player shows the album covers too so you can use those as a symbolic focus for visualisation while listening.

The Visionary Journeys sampler is a great opportunity to immediately feel the calming, inspiring and transforming affect this relaxing music has on your mind, body and soul, providing an ideal atmospheric support for any healing process. Just read the Reviews.

You can download this sampler album for FREE on BandCamp.com

Keep reading the Introduction below.... and click any cover icon to start exploring each album on its own page and sub-menu.

What's new to look out for on Japetus.com?
- Some titles are now available on CD
- Japetus tracks now available on the new #1 App Omvana
- Visions of Byron DVD now viewable in full below
- There's a new section just added to this site that gives listeners a much deeper insight into how each album was created, the motives behind it and any stories connected with the album. With 15 albums that is a lot of work, so to start with, this In Depth section has covered the 'major work' of The Radiant Self and more albums will be added as time allows
- In fact The Radiant Self now has its own website
- The Visionary Journeys catalogue is about personal and planetary transformation so now there is a new page that presents material about Global Issues as well
- New article published in the Law of Time Noosletter here

Now you can watch the whole 60 minute iPod quality version of Visions of Byron below! Find out more and buy DVD's on the main Visions of Byron website.

Lots more to explore on Japetus.com - read the Visionary Journeys catalogue Reviews and Testimonials. There are published Articles by Japetus, a chronological selection of Japetus Photographs since 1983 plus a Japetus Biography. Explore other sites on the Links page and there is an email link on the Contact page.

Note: most pages on this site - that are not specifically about the Japetus and the Visionary Journeys catalogue - will open in a new window.

iTunes - in January 2006 the Japetus label was signed as an official Apple iTunes Label partner and the entire 15 album Japetus catalogue was made available for sale on Apple iTunes download. All albums and tracks are now freshly encoded with the new iTunes Plus 'Apple lossless' format and can be instantly downloaded worldwide. You can find more audio samples in the iTunes download Store depending on the album. Explore all this music in your browser on the Apple iTunes Preview Japetus page.

Don't miss the new song single 'Floating' released for the 2012 Convergence event.

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Thanks for your support over the last 30 years sharing this profound collection of musical journeys, visualisations, imagery and video.

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The Japetus label is also affiliated with other projects including:
Lama Trijam - The Mahakala Puja & The Nundro Puja - amazing Tibetan Chanting

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